Cheats for CS:GO

We would like to present you 2 cheats for CS:GO and we are sure you’ll like them. Cheats for CS:GO are undetected by VAC at the moment and ready to provide you with protection. Like all private cheats we don’t protect against patrol. Check out our functionality.

Phoenix Lite

Not everybody wants AIM and RAGE, that’s why PHOENIX LITE is cheaper and you can have a test drive.

Not everyone is ready to play without protection, so we made a cut-down version of Phoenix PRO, so you can play legit. The software includes Wallhack - TriggerBot - Skinchanger. It’s enough for those who play carefully with WH, who always want to hold a beautiful weapon in their hands and have a quick reaction due to TriggerBot


Phoenix Pro

Fine-tuning your config with all features

The software includes the most common features in cheats, namely AIM-WALLHACK-TRIGGERBOT-MISC-SKINCHANGER. This configuration feature is provided for experienced cheaters, as well as for beginners who are ready to lead their way to the global with additional features. Don’t be afraid that you will be blown off after the purchase, if you feel that the Lite version is not enough for you, then you are ready for Phoenix Pro


You can have a test drive for Phoenix Lite, if you find that you are ready for a serious game with cheats, you can upgrade to Phoenix Pro. Don't be afraid to click onto buttons in our website and find out more information about our cheats. If you can't decide what to choose, you can write to us! You can do this via the Vkontakte widget in the lower-left corner of the page or click on the Vkontakte group button in the upper-right corner.

Anyway after clicking on the payment button, you’ll be asked to view the instructions for what you need to do after payment. Also you’ll have to fill a registration form, which in the future will serve for renewal if you write the same data that you specified for the first time. In any case, you can write to us in the Vkontakte group and get help with the registration.

We are not hiding from our users you can send an email to our Facebook group and ask any questions. Read reviews about our products and get acquainted with our other projects. We are also ready to give you a WMID with a personal certificate that you can always complain about in case of your dissatisfaction. You can also pay for our products using the form .