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Description of menu functions


Any directed skill will be parried by you if you have this feature enabled.


Anticipating the enemy's movement in the form of a visual strip.


You can harass an enemy or add creeps using this function by pressing 1 key.

Target Selector

The choice of the target for the rental of combo heroes, the choice of the distance of work.


Fine-tuning the delay in the application of skills by your hero when using combos, this will give you a natural look.


Automated functions that allow you to shoot down the enemy's procast or set up wards for you.


Combo skills for each hero, will allow you to press 1 button to give a full procast, you need to hold the button.


Enemy attack radii, showing enemy wards and partial maphack on the minimap.


The function speaks for itself, did the courier ring the doorbell? Need to go to the toilet? Pressed the function and you will not be thrown out of the game for inaction.

Video demonstration

Rendering visual functions and combos

Convenient menu, key assignments and fine-tuning down to colors. This lol cheat is bought constantly every day by practical new users, he managed to win the hearts of many cheaters.

  • Status:
  • Client:
    Riot Games, Garena
  • Test capability:
  • System:
    Windows 10-11 x64
  • Binding:
    by HWID

The cheat is in fact a script, so there should be no problems with launches, for example, when using cheats, antiviruses usually swear at the program, in this case everything is very convenient and fast, launched and ran. There is a config system that allows you to save your settings and share them with friends.

Running the cheat after downloading:
  • Starting the cheat
  • Enter the key
  • Entering the game

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  • English Menu
2 $/1 day
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18 $/30 days
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