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Description of possible functions


Each cheat has its own settings, there is Silent AIM and Vector AIM. Silent aim shoots without aiming, and vector aim points at the designated part of the body.


This function includes everything that glows through the walls, including those related to the players, this is information about the players from head to toe, everything that you are interested in can be displayed.


This is a very large list of functions, each cheat on tarkov has its own list, as a rule, such functions are called dangerous, with the help of them you can fly, loot through walls, run without losing stamina, anti-rejection and much more.


Almost all tarkov cheats have a radar, but there is a separate version of the WEB radar that works in a browser or on a phone, you can even use a vacuum cleaner if there is a color screen.


This is usually a separate tab, but it refers to ESP functions. Showing loot through walls in Escape from Tarkov is an important purpose of this function, loot can be sorted so as not to show extra, give it any color and much more.


Each element can be given a color, starting from ESP per player and ending with assigning a color to each loot on the map.

Video demonstration

One of the cheats on the partner site

In the video you can see the Tarkov cheat, which is available on our partner site, because the developer has not yet done his Escape from Tarkov Phoenix cheat. There are several cheats on the site, you can choose any cheat for yourself, we decided that it would be useful for you to have information where you will not be deceived after the purchase. You can't ask questions about partner programs on the forum.

  • Status:
  • Client:
  • Test capability:
  • OS:
    Windows 10-11 x64
  • Binding:
    by HWID

We remind you that this page was created for a future cheat, but while there is no cheat, our site is offered to you Escape from tarkov cheats which is completely dedicated to this game. All transactions and sales will be with the same sellers, just discussions of these products cannot be conducted on the forum. However, the technical support in the telegram will be the same. Buying a cheat on tarkov you get a quality product.

Running the cheat after downloading:
  • run cheat
  • enter key
  • join in game

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